During This Time of Covid We Are Not Doing Any Trainings

Due to lack of trainers during this time we are sorry to say we will not be doing trainings during this time. Please feel free to check back in due time for when we return.

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If you haven't noticed the women's soccer program in this country is one of the top programs in the world. TLG was created in Utah in 2018 by female players, for girls of all ages. We are passionate about developing girls into the players they have the potential to become. We firmly believe every girl should have the opportunity to be coached by a female who has walked the path of a soccer player. 


TLG has been a game changer for my daughter. During the first day of tryouts she was nervous and didn't do well at all! Rachel did an emergency session with her that night and the next day she killed it at tryouts! 


Train Like A Girl trainers do a great job of building confidences, technical skills for real game experiences, and have a way of motivating my daughter! 


When my daughter is actively training with Rachel she plays so much better! Rachel has helped her gain the confidence to make a premier team.


Female Coaches

Building Confidence

Game Replicating Training


How To Manage Your Recruiting Process

How To Manage Your Recruiting Process

There are plenty of things out there to help manage your recruiting process, but if I were to go through my journey again I would use these two things.
What You Need to Know Entering College Soccer as a Freshman

What You Need to Know Entering College Soccer as a Freshman

Did you know it is common for half of each incoming freshman class to be cut in half by the time they graduate as seniors on a female collegiate soccer team?

A class could go in with 10 players and finish with 5 or less. Why is that transition from club and high school soccer so difficult for so many women, even the strongest club players? 

What To Include In Your Highlight Video

What To Include In Your Highlight Video

A highlight video is a MUST HAVE during the recruiting process. Start early!