3 FREE Fitness Sessions to Help You Get 'Soccer' Fit

Soccer players run an average of 7 miles per game. This depends on position, some players run more like 9.5 miles per game. Most Universities now use technology to track their players during practice to see how far they are running and what types of running they do most, and these are findings that are proven. 

Soccer has many intervals. Players may be sprinting 100% for 4 seconds, walking for 5 seconds, then jogging for 12 seconds. It changes so often that we should be prepared for those changes, and be able to recover quickly for the next time we are at a 100% sprint. In reality, that is the whole point of getting 'soccer fit'. As players, we need to be able to bounce back for another full sprint as quick as we can. 

There are ways to train your body to recover quicker. Running the mile as fast as possible does help your overall fitness, however, it does not train your body to recover quickly after a sprint. It's not realistic to a game type of fitness. 

What I have learned is this: Train yourself to get 'soccer fit' by doing fitness that most replicates the game.

Below are 3 FREE examples from the book "20 Fitness Sessions to Prepare You For College Soccer" that will help give you an idea of what type of training you need to do to best prepare for the season. 

#1. Sprint, Walk, Jog

soccer fitness

Keep the pattern, sprint, walk, jog, and every time a line is crossed change to the next type of run. Do this for 20-40 minutes. Start with 20 minutes, and each time the session is done, increase the time. The distance on each run type will change, which is even better at replicating the game.

#2. 18yd Box Test

 soccer fitness

This will help train your body to recover after a sprint quicker.

Complete the sprint (44yd) from one side of the 18yd box to the other in 16 seconds or less. Rest for 20 seconds, then go again. There are 4 rounds of 5 sprints. So the entire session consists of 20 sprints. There is rest time in between rounds. If the times of the sprints aren't being met, it will not challenge you as it should. 

1. Sprint <16 sec 
Rest 20 sec
2. Sprint <16 sec
Rest 20 sec
3. Sprint <16 sec 
Rest 20 sec
4. Sprint <16 sec
Rest 20 sec
5. Sprint <16 sec
Rest 3 minutes
4 Rounds totaling 20 sprints

#3. Sprint, Walk, Jog Hill

soccer fitness

Similar to session #1, except the run up the hill is always a sprint, the walk down is always a walk, and jog 20yd in between. Start with 20 minutes, and each time the session is done, increase the time. 

These 3 sessions come from a book written by Train Like A Girl founder Rachel Kirkham, "20 Fitness Sessions to Prepare You For College Soccer". 

For only $5.99 you can prepare yourself to be at 100% intensity for a full 90 minutes! Even if college isn't in your immediate future, these training sessions will help you prepare for whatever season lies ahead. 






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