How To Manage Your Recruiting Process

One thing I wish girls knew is that if they want to play soccer in college, they can. The opportunity for girls is much higher than for boys because of the Title IX Law.  This does not mean that every girl is going to go on and play at UCLA or UNC, but there are ways for girls to play soccer in college and get paid to do so.

I even have girls ask me all the time how they can get recruited by a school in the States if they don't live in this country. The process is the same, but may take more work from the player. 

Where to Start

I'm going to save you a lot of headache and give you the best way to start. Start with someone who knows what they are doing because they have done it, and can mentor you. Whether that be a coach, friend, whichever.

Find someone who has done it. 

Do NOT Do This Alone

Doing this alone will cause frustration and lack of knowledge will cause you to miss things. Networking is important as in anything in life, and it is no different when trying to get recruited. 

Here is a behind the scenes snapshot of things you will need to know if you want to start your recruiting process:

  1. Gain insight into which division best suits the player
  2. Develop her top 30 schools to contact
  3. Get on college coaches’ radar
  4. Locate and attend the best college ID camps
  5. Confidently email college coaches
  6. Create engaging resumes that sell
  7. Develop a structured academic plan for success
  8. Learn what to say when communicating with college coaches
  9. Rules and dates to follow by the NCAA or NAIA

This is a lot of information, and tough to stay up to date on. So again, do not do this alone. 

How To Manage All of This

There are a ton of recruiting platforms and systems out there. As a coach I have used plenty of them with players. They are all helpful but they are only a piece to the puzzle. There is knowledge that needs to go with these platforms.

If I were to get recruited all over again here are the two things I would do:

1. Get on a platform like College Fit Finder simply to keep all of your things in one place.

A lot of club teams will actually provide this for you, so there you go. Make sure to ask if they do. There are other platforms, find the one that best works for you. On College Fit Finder's front page of their site it states: 

"Don't worry, we aren't a recruiting service. We are a tech company... YOU do the work, and YOU get YOURSELF recruited."

I completely agree with this, which is why I suggest doing this next step to help yourself do the work.

2. Take the course through Alpha Girl Soccer  to know exactly what to do during your entire playing journey. 

This course was created by Shay Haddow (a former teammate of mine).

She has spent the last 12 years going through the recruiting process herself, playing Division I soccer, working in Division I athletics, and now helping girls like your daughter achieve their dream of playing college soccer.

She has put together a course for players to follow along with helpful downloads. The players are required to act after the videos and do some homework.

Here are some topics of exactly what the players will be learning: 

  • Divisions of Play
  • What Scouts are Looking For
  • Building Your Database
  • Resumes
  • Communication
  • ID Camps
  • Scholarship Basics

And more!

If your player takes this course and manages her recruiting process, there is no way she will not be recruited. There are so many opportunities out there that girls just don't know about. It's time to take control of your recruiting journey. 


This course is a one time payment of $199 which is extremely affordable. If your club team provides a platform for you, $199 is a very cheap way to manage her recruiting process. Do not make the mistake of thinking just because she a good player she will automatically get a spot at a school. Players need to put in some work, and all of the greats will tell you the same thing. 

I'm Not Sure If My Daughter Has the Skill To Play In College

If you are wondering if your daughter has the skill to play in college, this course will also help you be able to place her where she would best fit. There are many divisions and leagues, and you can find what fits best for her. Chances are she does have the skill to play somewhere, but instead of wondering do the research and find out. 

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