What To Include In Your Highlight Video

A highlight video is a must with today's technology. This is a relatively new concept as athletes did not need them 7 or so years ago like they do today. Get those video cameras and tripods out as early as U13-U14, and feel no shame. 

The great thing about having a highlight video is if a coach comes to watch a club tournament or game and doesn't get to see exactly what they want, you have more evidence of your play. Videos can be sent in every email sent out to coaches, or even attach them to your digital resume. 

Here are some general tips when creating a highlight video:

  • Shoot for 25 clips per video, 3-6 minutes long
  • The opening should be a picture & 3-5 bullet points about the athlete
  • Use all game footage, unless making a video for a keeper
  • Use the best clip first to keep them interested
  • Take away background sound and add music
  • Identify yourself in each clip with an arrow or circle
  • Include 5 seconds before the play you want to be highlighted so coaches can see how it developed
  • Upload video to YouTube so it is just a click away from the coach watching

Here are the concepts and type of footage you will want to include in the video:


  • 1v1, crosses, and corners in the air
  • Chasing down players
  • Blocking shots
  • Intercepting the ball
  • A clean first touch
  • Intercepting the ball and immediately connecting the first pass to maintain possession
  • Outside backs getting crosses or shots off
  • Composure and working with your teammates to build up the attack, 2-4 pass combinations 
  • Defending clips and attacking clips
  • Reading the game with off-the-ball movement, intercepting an attempt at a through ball
  • Working hard defensively
  • Heading balls off of punts and corners
  • Awareness of the weak side of the field, switching the point of attack


  • Beating opponents down the line and turning the corner, or cutting in toward the goal
  • Crossing the ball
  • Long runs that start in the back and end up in the final 3rd of the field
  • Making creative runs
  • Show that speed

Defensive center-midfielders:

  • Winning all balls in the air 
  • Distribution and maintaining possession
  • Intercepting the ball, then connecting the first pass immediately
  • Clean first touch
  • Checking shoulders
  • Awareness of the weak side of the field, switching the point of attack

Attacking center midfielders:

  • Playmaking ability, chances created
  • Showing technical control in tight spaces
  • Clean first touch
  • Shots from far out
  • Hussle and winning the ball on defense


  • Goals and assists
  • Getting behind the back line
  • Dribbling
  • Speed
  • Finishing with various surfaces
  • Proactive runs
  • Playing back to goal and playing others in on slot balls


  • Game footage and training footage to show skills not seen in match play
  • Shot blocking
  • Punching over the top of the goal
  • Defending corners
  • Extension and collapse diving to both sides
  • Breakaways, angle play, and sliding saves
  • Fearless plays
  • Distribution: back passes, punts, drop kicks, throws, rolls
  • Being a part of the 4 backs when building out of the back, receiving the ball and switching the point of attack

 Good luck and comment below with some of your highlight videos you have made! 

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