Coach PDX

Sacramento, CA.

The goal of Alpha Girl Soccer is to empower and develop girls into strong, confident soccer players. Our mission is to help female athletes get strong, fast, and technically advanced. At Alpha Girl Soccer, our training focuses on four pillars: Technical Advancement, Physical Fitness, Knowledge of the Game, and Psycho-Social Aspects of Soccer.

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Meet Coach Shay Haddow

After playing at the collegiate level at Utah State University,  Coach Shay earned her Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and Master’s in Physical and Sport Education.

“Soccer is my passion and is the one reoccurring theme in my life that will always be a part of who I am. As a female soccer player who had strong female role models and coaches, I want more than anything to teach young girls to play with confidence at the highest level while loving the game.”

After moving to California in 2016, she knew that if she were to have the biggest impact on players “personal development”…she needed to step away from club and high school coaching to give players 1on1 attention through private training.