Empower Futsal School

Burlington, ON. - Canada

At Empower Futsal School, we train competitive female players from ages 10 all the way to the professional level, who are serious about their development; crave a challenge, and are dedicated to their soccer goals. Our training system encompasses unique technical approaches as well as soccer-specific speed training.

All sessions are designed by Canada Soccer Licensed Coach Chelsea Spencer - former NCAA Division 1 Scholarship and Canadian National Level Player - who is known for her ability to teach complex technical skills as well as how to get the most out of every player.

Coach Chelsea has worked with several Provincial-level players, has played along-side many National Team Players, and has been coached by some of the highest level coaches in the female game.

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Meet Chelsea Spencer

Coach Chelsea comes from an extensive playing background filled with valuable experiences; experiences that she uses to support female soccer players of all ages in her community.

Coach Chelsea's philosophy encompasses three main goals: discipline, individuality and independence. In a stimulating environment, risk-taking is promoted and mistakes are viewed as positive learning opportunities.